Breast Cancer Awareness


I am sharing my story today to encourage women to be very vigilant about self-examination and yearly mammograms.   I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2012. 

After my annual mammogram I was told that I needed a biopsy. All I worried then, was fear of needles and possible scaring. I know, how vain!


When I “bounced back” into my doctor’s office for biopsy results a few days later, I didn’t consider breast cancer a possibility.  I was too young and busy to have cancer, and I had no family history.


But the doctor gave me the results of the biopsy, I had breast cancer. My world went into slow motion.


In my darkest moment I asked, “why me?” But that lasted like a split second. You don’t get to feel sorry for yourself, not when you have kids. 


I was in shock, and I went through the next few weeks in a haze. I was scheduling and coordinating all these doctor’s visits and lab procedures. I was constantly on the phone. I underwent many tests and diagnostic procedures and saw so many doctors, including a medical oncologist before I started a very long cancer treatment.


My son, Nate, was by my side the entire journey, and he was an amazing caregiver for me. He has been my rock. He has been at my side every step of the way and kept my spirits up despite the pain, sadness, loss of appetite and radiation burns.


What being diagnosed with breast cancer has taught me…. I learned that I can handle more than I thought. “You don’t know how strong you are, unless being strong is the only option you have.” 


I learned that the whole world can come crashing down with just one doctor’s visit.  I learned that work is important but the time with your family and friends are more important. 

Your memories will be about your experiences and nothing else.


Live your life and be present! Get your annual mammogram, because it can save your life. IT SAVED MINE!